Laboratory of Free Radical Chemistry and Physics

Head of Laboratory: Professor Dr. Sci. Dzuba S.A.
RAS adviser Academician Yu.D. Tsvetkov (organizer of the Laboratory and its Head during the years 1968 – 2003),
Cand. Sci. A.D. Milov, Cand. Sci. A.G. Maryasov,
Cand. Sci. I.A. Slepneva, Cand. Sci. Yu.I. Glazachev, Cand. Sci. L.V. Kulik
V.N. Koshelenko, A.I. Kuznetsov
Post-graduate students:
N.P. Isaev, M.N. Uvarov.
Research area.
Investigation of the structure, properties, kinetics and mechanisms of the reactions of free radicals in chemical and biological systems, the application of stable radicals as spin probes and labels for the investigation of structure and dynamics of these systems, development of radiospectroscopic methods for the purposes of the research area.
1. A pulse-type EPR and Spin Echo spectrometer in the Х band of the type of ESP 380 FT (Bruker, Germany) with temperature units ER4111VT, CF 935 (Oxford Instruments) and with a self-made attachment to provide magnetic field jump.
2. A pulse-type spectrometer of electron spin echo and double electron-electron resonance developed and manufactured at the Institute.
3. A stationary EPR X-band spectrometer of the type of ЕR - 200 D-SRC (Bruker, Germany).
4. A pulse YaG laser of the type of Surelite I-10, with the pulse energy of 472 mJ at 1.06 mm, providing the possibility of operating at the second, third and fourth harmonics.
5. Development and adjustment of a 2 mm EPR spectrometer of pulse and continuous operation is being carried out.
Dzuba S.A.
Institutskaya 3, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Phone: +7(383) 330 91 50