Laboratory of Disperse Systems

Head of Laboratory: Cand. Sci. V.I. Makarov
Cand. Sci. A.A. Alekseev, Cand. Sci. V.V. Golovko, Cand. Sci. E.I. Kirov, Dr. Sci. K.P. Kutsenogii, Cand. Sci. T.I. Savchenko, Cand. Sci. Yu.N. Samsonov, O.V. Chankina, S.A. Popova
L.I. Kazakova, O.I. Shaidurova
Research area.
Investigation of the regularities of formation, transformation and transport of aerosol at the local, regional and global levels, for the purpose of revealing the main sources and sinks of aerosol. Elucidation of the mechanisms of formation of chemical composition and size distribution of atmospheric aerosol taking into account chemical reactions and phase transformations, investigation of regularities of their spreading and precipitation in the surface layer of the atmosphere.
1. Two aerosol generators with adjustable particle size, based on ancillary aircraft set-up ТА-6А and one generator based on AI-9; the generators are mounted on ZIL-131 vehicles. These aerosol generators are intended for carrying out research, and also for treating agricultural plants and forests against diseases, pests, weeds, as well as for treatments with growth controllers, microelements, nitrogen-fixing bacteria and other biologically active substances. The generators were manufactured in the ICKC SB RAS.
2. Modular high pressure liquid chromatograph НР-1100 made in Germany.
3. Reaction gas chromatographic unit to carry out determinations of the content of organic and elemental carbon in aerosol sampled on glass fibre filters. The unit was manufactured at the ICKC SB RAS.
4. Multi-cascade impactors of different design to measure particle size distribution of aerosol within the diameter range from 30 to 1 mm. The impactors were manufactured at the ICKC SB RAS.
5. Infrared imager Svit 101 which allows one to capture the real-time profiles of brightness temperature up to 1200 ºC for various physicochemical processes in the television regime using a PC. The device was manufactured at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS.
Makarov V.I.
Institutskaya 3, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
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