Laboratory of Fast Processes

Head of Laboratory: Dr. Sci. V.A. Bagryansky
EAS Adviser Academician Molin Yu.N., Dr. Sci. O.A. Anisimov, Cand. Sci. S.V. Anishchik, Dr. Sci. V.I. Borovkov, Cand. Sci. D.V. Stass, Cand. Sci. Yu.D. Chernousov, Cand. Sci. V.N. Verkhovlyuk, Cand. Sci. P.A. Potashov
I.N. Voitenko, V.I. Ivannikov, T.V. Kobzeva, I.V. Shebolaev, S.B. Zikirin
The Laboratory was organized in 1987 on the basis of a group incorporated in the Laboratory of Structure and Mechanisms of Reactions in Solutions. During the years 1987 –1993, the Laboratory was headed by Dr. Sci. O.A. Anisimov, during 1993-2004 by Academician Yu.N. Molin.
Research area.
Development of the methods of spin chemistry and their applications for the investigation of short-lived radical particles.
1. A set-up for the observation of optically detectable PR spectra and magnetic effects under stationary X-ray irradiation (on the basis of the EPR spectrometer ER-200D-SRC of Bruker company).
2. A pulse X-ray fluorimeter with the resolution of 2 ns. The set-up is equipped with attachments to observe the action of electric field and microwave pumping on the kinetics of recombination luminescence.
3. A pulse fluorimeter with luminescence excitation with a radioactive Sr/Y source (resolution: 0.7 ns).
4. EPR spectrometer EMX (Bruker).
5. A linear electron accelerator U-2: energy, up to 4 MeV; average current, up to 200 mA.
6. A MARY spectrometer for the investigation of magnetic effects in weak field is being manufactured.
Bagryansky V.A.
Institutskaya 3, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Phone: +7(383) 333 23 81