Laboratory of Kinetics of Combustion Processes

Head of Laboratory: Cand. Sci. A.G. Shmakov
Dr. Sci., Professor O.P. Korobeinichev (founder and Head of Laboratory in period of 1988-2007), Cand. Sci. T.A. Bolshova, Cand. Sci. A.A. Paletsky, Cand. Sci. A.G. Tereshchenko, Cand. Sci. A.A. Chernov, Cand. Sci. V.M. Shvartsberg, Cand. Sci. D.A. Knyazkov
I.E. Gerasimov, M.B.Gonchikzhapov, A.M.Dmitriev
The Laboratory was organized in 1988.
Research area.
1. Investigation of the structure of flames in gaseous and condensed systems (CS) including energy-generating materials, kinetics and mechanisms of gas-phase reactions and the reactions of thermal decomposition of CS, with simultaneous development of the methods of molecular beam mass spectrometry for these purposes.
2. Search for and investigation of new efficient inhibitors, flame arresters and fire retardants, development of the mechanism of flame inhibition by these species, on the basis of investigation of the effect of these compounds as additives on flame velocity, extinguishing conditions, and propagation limits for different flames.
1. Three molecular beam mass spectrometric installations to investigate chemical structure of the flames of gaseous and condensed systems. The installations were manufactured at the Institute and at the Experimental Plant of SB RAS. They are equipped with two quadrupole mass spectrometers MS-7303 and two time-of-flight mass spectrometers MSKh-4 and MSKh-5 manufactured in Russia. One of the quadrupole mass spectrometers was upgraded in the Institute: the instrument was equipped with an ion source with small electron energy spread. A new time-of-flight mass spectrometer MS-200 of reflectrone type (with a resolution of 300) manufactured by ITA Company (St. Petersburg) was purchased in 2004. The installations are equipped with original systems of data collection based on CAMAC and PC instrumentation, and with LeCroy oscillograph with 1Mb memory and flow controllers of MKS Company.
2. A set-up for measuring the rate of CS combustion, the structure of heat wave of combustion by means of thermocouples and visualization of the combustion process with the help of video filming within a broad range of initial temperatures (from - 50 to + 50 °С) and within pressure range 1- 100 atm.
3. A set-up to identify the composition of the products of CS combustion at pressures within the range 1-40 atm.
4. A set-up to investigate destruction of substances in non-thermal plasma of corona discharge in a flow reactor.
5. Installations to determine the effect of inhibitors and flame arresters: 1) on the rate of propagation of premixed flames using the planar burner with zero heat flux onto its surface, 2) on the concentration limits of propagation of premixed flames and on extinguishing conditions for diffusion flames using the method of Potter burner with counter-flow of combustible mixtures, 3) on the minimal extinguishing concentration of flame arresters for extinguishing diffusion flames of hydrocarbons, using a cup-shaped burner and a cylinder; a large-scale set-up to test flame arresters for extinguishing a turbulent flame seat in the case when the flame arresters are introduced for a short time into the air flow.
Shmakov A.G.
Institutskaya 3, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Phone: +7(383) 333-33-46