Laboratory of Magnetic Phenomena

Head of Laboratory: Professor, Dr. Sci. P.A. Purtov
Dr. Sci. T.V. Leshina, Cand. Sci. A.I. Kruppa, Dr. Sci. N.E. Polyakov, Cand. Sci. I.M. Magin, S.S. Petrova
N.A. Kolosov, V.P. Pavlova
The Laboratory was organized in 1978 by Academician R.Z. Sagdeev who was Head of Laboratory till 1987 inclusive.
Research area.
Investigation of the kinetics of elementary processes and mechanisms of chemical reactions using the methods of spin chemistry and other novel physical methods.
Three high-resolution NMR spectrometers are available at the Laboratory:
- JEOL-FX-90Q (Japan),
- AM-250 (Bruker, Germany),
- DPX-200 (Bruker, Germany)
and utilities for carrying out chemical reactions in magnetic field of different strength. In order to investigate photochemical reactions, the spectrometers are equipped with photochemical attachments providing irradiation directly in the sensor with the help of an excimer Lambda Physik laser.
The instrumentation available at the Laboratory allows one to carry out time-resolved investigation of CNP. At present, assembling of a jet set-up allowing one to carry out kinetic measurements in arbitrary magnetic field of any strength is about to be finished. The equipment and instrumentation are being updated for the purpose of improving the parameters of time-resolved CNP.
Purtov P.A.
Institutskaya 3, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Phone: +7(383) 333-20-44