Laboratory of Mechanisms of Reactions

Head of Laboratory: Professor, Dr. Sci. Gritsan Nina Pavlovna
Dr. Sci. Fedenok L.G., Cand. Sci. Barabanov I.I., Cand. Sci. Pritchina E.A., Cand. Sci. Kiselev V.G.
Lebedeva N.I., P.B. Cheblakov
The Laboratory was organized on the basis of the Group headed by Dr. Sci. Gritsan N.P. as a part of the Laboratory of Photochemistry (organized in 1971) and the Laboratory of Organic Conjugated Systems (organized in 1961).
Research area.
Investigation of the mechanisms of organic reactions with the help of spectroscopic, quantum chemical methods and classical procedures of organic chemistry, development of the methods of directed synthesis of polyfunctional organic compounds, including the transformations of acetylenic and polyacetylenic compounds, and consequent expansion of the fundamental basis of search for compounds with practically useful properties.
Cryostats to investigate processes within temperature range 77 – 300 K, two- and four-processor LINUX workstations with quantum chemical programs installed on them (GAUSSIAN98, MOLCAS5, etc.) to carry out ab initio calculations of the characteristics of organic compounds and intermediates of their transformations.
Standard laboratory equipment of organic chemistry is in operation; devices for elemental analysis of organic compounds are available.
The instrumentation of the Institute and Collective Centers of SB RAS is used for physicochemical measurements, along with the experimental facilities of laboratories with which the joint research is carried out.
Links with other research organizations.
The joint investigations are being carried out with a number of institutions in Russia (Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry, Tomography Center, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SB RAS) and with foreign research groups:
1. University of Ohio, Chemical Department, Columbus, Ohio, USA (Professor M.S. Platz)
2. University of Friburg, Chemical Department, Friburg, Switzerland (Professor T. Bally)
3. University of Osaka, Department of Applied Physics, Osaka, Japan (Professor H. Masuhara)
Gritsan N.P.
Institutskaya 3, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Phone: +7(383) 333-30-53