Laboratory of Nanoparticles

Head of Laboratory: Dr. Sci. A.A. Onischuk.
A.M. Baklanov, Cand. Sci. S.N. Dubtsov, Cand. Sci. G.G. Dultseva, Cand. Sci. G. I. Skubnevskaya, N.A. Ivanova, Cand. Sci. G.A. Makhov
V.G. Mitrochenko, P.P. Moiseenko
Research area.
Investigation of the characteristics and mechanism of formation of carbon nanoparticles and nanofibres, metal oxide nanoparticles, development of the procedures for the synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles during combustion, investigation of the rate of homogeneous nucleation of metal vapour, investigation of the mechanisms of photochemically initiated nanoparticle formation, studies of formation mechanisms of plant-generated metal-containing organic aerosol.
1. Diffusion aerosol spectrometer, developed and manufactured at the Institute, able to measure aerosol concentration within the range 10 - 109 cm-3 and particle size within the range 2 - 200 nm.
2. A set-up based on a fast-operating CCD camera recorder Videoscan VS- FAST, model G6, to observe the combustion of metal micro-particles in real time.
3. Video microscope combined with a modified Millikan cell developed at the Institute. The set-up allows one to carry out real-time registration of the coagulation of aggregates and determine the size and charge of an aggregate (within the size range > 0.1 micrometer).
4. Aerosol counter, developed on the basis of the Diffusion Spectrometer of Aerosol, for operation under reduced pressure (50 - 400 Torr), able to measure aerosol concentration within the range 10 - 109 cm-3 and size within the range 2 - 200 nm.
5. A liquid microcolumn chromatograph (HPLC) Milikhrom-1 conjugated with PC
6. A photochemical generator of nano-sized particles for calibration procedures
7. Transmission electron microscope.
Onischuk A.A.
Institutskaya 3, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Phone: +7(383) 333-32-44