Group of Molecular Photodynamics

Head of Group: Dr. Sci. A.V. Baklanov.
A.P. Pyryaeva
Research area.
Chemical dynamics of excited molecules and weakly bound (Van der Waals) complexes under photoexcitation. Complexes of molecular oxygen. The potential energy surface in the ground and excited electronic states. States with charge transfer. Supramolecular photochemistry.
Investigation of the dynamics of chemical transformations and energy redistribution in excited molecules and in molecular complexes within the femtosecond time scale.
A set-up to carry out investigations of photofragmentation of molecules and molecular clusters. The set-up consists of a complex of nanosecond lasers including a pulsed dye laser excited with an excimer XeCl laser (308 nm, 150 mJ, 20 ns), with the generation of quadratic component in a non-linear crystal of barium beta borate, and an excimer laser operating with fluorine-containing mixtures (ArF, 193 nm, KrF 248 nm, XeF 351 nm); pulsed molecular beam and time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The complex is automated and equipped with the devices measuring laser pulse energy and the wavelength of dye laser radiation (D l /l =10-6). The set-up was designed, built and is operated in collaboration with the Institute of Semiconductor Physics (Senior Researcher, Cand. Sci. Kochubey S.A.).
A set-up to investigate the femtosecond dynamics of chemical transformations and energy redistribution in molecules. The set-up was developed on the basis of a femtosecond laser on titanium-sapphire Ti:S (wavelength: 800 nm, pulse energy: 2 mJ, pulse duration: 40 fs, spectral width: 32 nm, pulse repetition frequency: 1 kHz) of the Collective Centre “Femtosecond laser complex” at the Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS. In addition to radiation with the basic frequency, the second and the third harmonics generated with the help of thin non-linear crystals of barium beta-borate are used (pulse energy: 150 m J at the wavelength of 400 nm and 11 m J at 266 nm).
Baklanov A.V.
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