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The objective of the Seminar is to provide an international forum to discuss the state-of-the-art achievements and perspectives in experimental and computational studies of the flame structure, flammability limits and flame stability, as well as applied aspects of this scientific area.


  1. Laminar and turbulent premixed and diffusion flames
  2. Flames of energetic materials and polymers
  3. Subsonic and supersonic detonation combustion
  4. Flames in dust-laden media
  5. Experimental and numerical methods of studying the flame structure
  6. Chemical kinetics of flame reactions
  7. Inhibition and suppression of flames and fires
  8. Soot and nanoparticles formation in flames
  9. Formation and reduction of toxic compounds in flame
  10. Solid flames
  11. Filtration combustion and micro combustion
  12. Catalysis of combustion

After the Seminar is completed, young researchers, university students, graduate students and researchers from Russia and CIS countries who will choose to be participants of the School, will listen to a series of lectures to be delivered by the leading Russian scientists in the area of combustion for four days (June 16 - 19). They will be awarded advanced qualification certificates.

The objective of the School is to provide new knowledge to young researchers in the area of flame and combustion studies.


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