Book of Abstracts

Conference Proceedings (extended abstracts):

Burning stability of coal-dust methane-air mixture in heat recovery burner
A. Yu. Krainov, D. A. Krainov and K. M. Moiseeva

CVD synthesis of graphene and 2D Transition metal dichalcogenides
R. E. Beissenov, A. T. Galin, D. A. Muratov and Z. A. Mansurov

Determination of self-ignition delay of methane-air mixtures with addition of C2-C5 alkanes
A. V. Nikitin, K. Ya. Troshin, A. A. Borisov and V. S. Arutynov

Detonating combustion of gaseous hydrocarbons in the pulse gas-detonation apparatus producing nano-globular carbon
V. Yu. Ulianitsky, A. A. Shtertser, I. S. Batraev, A. G. Shaitanov, Yu. V. Surovikin and V. A. Likholobov

Experimental data on the composition of burning coal primary products
B. P. Aduev, D. R. Nurmukhametov, R. Y. Yakovlev, Y. V. Kraft, Z. R. Ismagilov and A. N. Zaostrovsky

Experimental study of the drop deformation process at its gravitational settling at moderate Reynolds numbers
V. Ŕ. Arkhipov and Ŕ. S. Usanina

Features of thermal decomposition and ignition of HEMs with metal additives
A. G. Korotkikh, V. A. Arkhipov, I. V. Sorokin and K. V. Slyusarskiy

Inhibition of combustion of dimethyl ether/air mixture by chemically active compounds
T. A. Bolshova, D. A. Knyazkov, V. M. Shvartsberg, I. E. Gerasimov, A. G. Shmakov and O. P. Korobeinichev

Initiation of PETN-metal nanoparticles composites’ explosion with laser pulses
B. P. Aduev, D. R. Nurmuhametov, A. P. Nikitin, A. A. Zvekov, G. M. Belokurov, N. V. Nelyubina and I. Yu. Liskov

Numerical simulation of combustion frozen nanosized aluminum suspension with water
V. A. Poryazov and A. Yu. Krainov

On the combustion stability of methane-air mixture in recu-perative burners of various geometry
A. Yu. Krainov, L. L. Minkov and K. M. Moiseeva

Parameters of gas explosion products in bubble detonation
A. V. Pinaev and E. S. Prokhorov

Porous radiative burner. Effect of finite size
L. K. Gusachenko, A. B. Kiskin and V. E. Zarko

Simulation of image transfer in a slot structure in MOCVD processes
B. M. Kuchumov, I. K. Igumenov, Y. V. Shevtsov, I. F. Golovnev and E. I. Golovneva

Study of the spray pattern structure of centrifugal and ejector nozzles
V. A. Arkhipov, S. A. Basalaev, V. F. Trofimov and A. S. Usanina

The calculation of shock wave parameters with detonation refraction at the diffuse interface between reacting and inert gases
E. S. Prokhorov

The conjucated process of SO2 chemical transformations under the effect of hydrogen oxidation chain reaction in low-temperature rarefied flames mode
A. A. Mantashyan

The formation and development of the optimum aerosol technology to protect plants, people, and animals against harmful pests and diseases
K. P. Koutzenogii and V. I. Makarov

The investigation of coal-dust methane-air mixture confined combustion singularities
A. Yu. Krainov, D. A. Krainov, D. Yu. Paleev and K. M. Moiseeva

The numerical simulation of Mahe-effect, during the methane-air mixture confined combustion
A. Yu. Krainov, D. A. Krainov and K. M. Moiseeva

Thermokinetic parameters of decomposition of coal and coal processing waste
S. Yu. Lyrshchikov, P. A. Strizhak and S. A. Shevyrev