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The trip to the Salt Lake in Zavyalovo of Altai region

The trip to Kazakhstan
(Bukhtarma lake and Rakhman springs)

Zavyalovo Salt Lake

The Zavyalovo Salt Lake is located in the west part of Altai region with a distance of 3 km from Zavialovo (local region center) and 15 km from the railway that connects Barnaul and Kulunda (Fig. 1). The distance from Salt Lake to Novosibirsk is 350 km with the road that passes through Ordynskoe, Kamen-na-Obi, Baevo, Zavyalovo. The road part of 300 km is covered by a hard cover (an asphalt) and the part of 50 km between Ordynskoe and Kamen-na-Obi is covered by a road-metal (small stones). The way from Novosibirsk to Salt Lake takes approximately 5 hours by a modern car. Mainly the road leads to the south and turn to the east only in Zavyalovo.

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The sand-road that leads to Salt Lake adjoints to the main road approximately 3 km from Zavyalovo. There are at least three lakes can be viewed from the road. The scheme of two lakes are placed on the crossroad (Fig. 2). The camping locates between Salt Lake and other lake with an alkaline water. The distance between the lakes is approximately 150 m. The entrance fee is 10 rubles per a person per a day with a free entrance for children under 14 years. The owner of this area provides borders, fresh underground water, toilet, and cleans the area two times per day. The cafe, bar and small shop are also available within the camping. Native people bring bread, milk, patties, seeds, and etc.

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The concentration of the salt in the Salt Lake is rather higher and keeps a body of adult men on the surface (Fig. 3 and 4). The seven extremities of the body can be located above the water surface (Fig. 3).

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The salt allows you to relax on the water surface with an appropriate pose (Fig. 4). The book reading is also available without any efforts. The belly down pose is more difficult but useful for your spine.

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The lake salt and dirt are main medicine components which can be used to improve your health. An appropriate period to visit the lake is continued from 15 June to 15 July. The only unique red crawfishs with a length of a few millimeters live close to the lake surface. The dirt can be found on the lake beach and lake bottom. The dirt has to cover body parts with a period of 15 minutes that is sufficient to walk from the salt lake to the alkaline lake.

Bukhtarma Lake and Rakhman springs



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