Arnold J. Hoff April 2002
Huygens Laboratory
P.O. Box 9504
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

Fields of interest
Primary Reactions in Photosynthesis. Applications of EPR and ODMR in Biology.

Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Series Editor
Handbook of Biological Physics

Hulsebosch R.J., Allakhverdiev S.I., Klimov V.V., Picorel R., Hoff A.J., Effect of bicarbonate on the S2 multiline EPR signal of the oxygen-evolving complex in photosystem II membrane fragments, Febs Letters (424)3 (1998) pp. 146-148
Louwe R.J.W., Aartsma T.J., Gast P., Hulsebosch R.J., Nan H.M., Vrieze J., Hoff A.J., The triplet state of the FMO complex of the green sulfur bacterium Prosthecochloris aestuarii studied with single-crystal EPR, Bba - Bioenergetics (1365)3 (1998)
Borovykh I.V., Dzuba S.A., Proskuryakov I.I., Gast P., Hoff A.J., Light-induced structural changes in photosynthetic reaction centres studied by ESEEM of spin-correlated D+QA- radical pairs, Bba -
Hoff A.J., Deisenhofer J., Photophysics of photosynthesis. Structure and spectroscopy of reaction centers of purple bacteria, Physics Reports (287)1-2 (1997) pp. 1-247

Professor of Biophysics, Leiden University, 1992 - present
Leiden University Fund Professor of Biophysics, Leiden University, 1985 - 1992
Group leader of the group 'Molecular structure and interactions of photosynthetic reactants' of the Working Committee Molecular Spectroscopy, Netherlands Foundation for Chemical Research (SON), 1979 - present
Assocate Professor (UHD), Department of Biophysics, State University of Leiden. Research on structure and function of photosynthetic complexes with magnetic resonance and optical techniques, 1974 - 1992
Senior research scientist, Netherlands Organization for the Advancement of Applied Research (TNO). Research on enzyme structure with NMR and EPR spectroscopy, 1972 - 1974
Research follow (EMBO long term fellowship), Physics Department, University of California, San Diego, group of Prof. G. Feher. Research on structure of primary donor pigment-protein complex of the bacterial photosynthetic system (EPR and ENDOR spectroscopy) and on lipid-chlorophyll interactions (optical polarization techniques), 1971 - 1973
Research scientist, Physiological Chemistry Department, State University Leiden. Research topics: physical chemistry of DNA (helix-coil transition), the sensitivity of biologically active DNA to ionizing radiation (employing EPR and biological assay techniques), the structure of enzymes (spin labelling),  the structure of phospholipid-cholesterol multilayers, 1966 - 1972
Military service (18 months), part of which was spent in the Medical Biological Laboratory TNO, Rijswijk (ZH). Research on radiation protection of DNA, 1964 - 1965
Research fellow (NATO Science Fellowship), Institut d'Electroniue, Faculte de Sciences, Universite de Paris, Orsay, group of Prof. J. Friedel and Prof. J. Grivet. Research on NMR of diluted lead-indium and lead-thallium alloys, 1963 - 1964
Research scientist, Netherlands Organization for Fundamental Research of Matter (FOM), 1963 - 1966

Educational Background
Dissertation 'The relaxation of DNA in the helix- coil transition range', supervisor Prof. Johan Blok, Free University of Amsterdam, 1969
Graduate studies (MSc) in solid state physics, thesis subject: NMR on Al-4%Cu alloys (Guinier-Preston sones) under the direction of Prof. G.W. Rathenau, 1959 - 1963
Undergraduate studies in physics, University of Amsterdam, 1956 - 1959

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