VIII International Voevodsky Conference
Physics and Chemistry of Elementary Chemical Processes (VVV-2012)
Novosibirsk, Russia, July 15-19, 2012
Academician V.V. Voevodsky
The name of Academician Vladislav V. Voevodsky is known throughout the world to researchers working in chemical physics. His effort and talent were responsible for many key advances in the investigation of gas chain branched reactions, reactions of hydrocarbon cracking, and heterogeneous reactions of radicals and atoms.
Academician Voevodsky was one of the first to realize the potential of magnetic resonance technique in studying free radicals and other paramagnetic particles. He and his colleagues developed the EPR technique into a powerful experimental method for investigating chemical reactions, founding a new field of science, chemical radiospectroscopy.  This wok, in turn, led to a breakthrough in the study  of many fundamental chemical phenomena, including were free-radical mechanisms of chemical reactions, electron delocalization and transfer, elementary acts in solid and liquid matter radiolysis, mechanisms of photochemical and photobiological processes,  and heterogeneous catalysis.
Academician Voevodsky was one of the founders of the Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, Novosibirsk, Russia and of the Department of Natural Sciences of Novosibirsk State University. For many years he was the Dean of the Department. He raised and inspired a community of scientists known worldwide who continue to work in chemical physics today. His students had a major impact on the development of chemical kinetics and chemical physics, a field of science, which describes physics and chemistry of elementary chemical reactions.
The conference in Academician Voevodsky’s honor brings together scientists studying elementary chemical processes from all over the world.