Photo of V.V. Voevodsky
IX International Voevodsky Conference
Physics and Chemistry of Elementary Chemical Processes (VVV-100)
Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Academician Vladislav Voevodsky
Novosibirsk, Russia, June 25-30, 2017
Accommodation and Meals
The "Gold Valley" hotel

The primary accommodation facility for the meeting will be the "Gold Valley" ("Zolotaya Dolina") hotel complex, which is located within a walking distance to the Conference venue and provides comfortable 1- and 2-bed rooms. For booking, please fill the following Accommodation Form and return it as an attached RTF, DOC(X) or PDF file to Conference Secretary at vvv100(at) by May 29, 2017.

The current (as of January, 2017) accommodation rates per night per person for VVV-100 participants are listed below. The payment should be made directly at the hotel upon arrival. Please note that the rates for participants are reduced (by as much as 25%) in comparison to the regular prices of the "Gold Valley" since VVV-100 is registered as an official meeting supported by the Presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Some (quite substantial for single rooms) additional discounts are also provided for employees of RAS and FANO who arrive for official business trip, so it is worth taking the additional effort to prepare and have the correposponding documents with you if applicable. Please also note that the discounts do not apply if booking a room yourself without referring to the conference.

Rates for employees of Russian Academy of Sciences and

Rates for other participants

  Suite (double)
RUR 1800
  RUR 1850

  Semisuite (single)
RUR 5800
  RUR 5800

  Single room  
RUR 650
  RUR 1500-2300

  Double room
RUR 550
  RUR 1300-1400
Breakfasts are not included and can be ordered separately from the hotel restaurant upon check-in (RUR 350 each). Alternatively, there also are many cafes and shopping possibilities close to the hotel.

The current exchange rate of Russian Rouble is about 60 RUR = 1 EUR.

The "Park Wood" hotel

Our guests looking for a modern lodging option at a somewhat higher price tag may consider the newly built "Park Wood" hotel complex that is also located in Akademgorodok and provides classy 1- and 2-bed rooms for business visitors. The hotel provides a Conference package including 10% discount and breakfast and daily free one-way transfer to the Conference venue.

The current (as of January, 2017) accommodation rates under the Conference package are listed below, these are valid only for the Conference days. The payment should be made directly to the hotel. "(1)" and "(2)" in the table refer to one or two persons in a double room.

  Business single bed
  RUR 3420

  Superior double bed
  RUR 3870 (1) / RUR 4320 (2)

  Lux superior double bed  
  RUR 5850 (1) / RUR 6300 (2)
University lodging facilities

Our younger guests may be interested in booking a room in our new University PhD student dormitory located in the NSU campus at a walking distance from the Conference venue. The rooms have all the facilities, the guests can use the common kitchen. The current (as of January, 2017) rates are about 700 RUR per person per night. Please contact the organizers if interested.
Other hotels

Although Novosibirsk is a large city and a major business center and has a developed hotel structure, please be aware that Akademgorodok is situated about 30 km from downtown Novosibirsk, and commuting from a hotel there in the morning rush hours can be both frustrating and expensive. If you absolutely insist on seeking for other lodging options it would be more convenient to check hotels in Berdsk, a compact town close to Novosibirsk just about 10 km from the Conference venue.

There are plenty of places to have lunch around the Conference venue, from student menza and institute canteens to several cafes offering business lunches and classic and specialty restaurants. A primary lunch facility of the "business lunch" type at about 200 RUR will be offered, but everybody will be able to choose an option according to one's needs and budget. Ample time will be left for lunch breaks so our guests will be able to relax, walk around and talk to each other at sunny streets and lawns outdoors.