Conference proceedings:

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Book of Abstracts

List of full papers submitted by participants. All articles presented in author's edition.

1. Modernization of air - blown entrained - flow two - stage bituminous coal IGCC gasifier, N.A. Abaimov, I.G. Donskoy, A.F. Ryzhkov and D.A. Svishchev.

2. Thermography of flame during diesel fuel combustion with steam gasification, I.S. Anufriev, M.V. Agafontsev, E.P. Kopyev, E.L. Loboda, O.V. Sharypov.

3. Effect of KOH - activated rice husk on thermal decomposition of hydroxylamine nitrate monopropellant, M.K. Atamanov, K. Hori, R. Amrousse, Z.A. Mansurov.

4. To the theory of ignition, combustion and detonation of micro- and nanoparticles, A.V. Fedorov.

5. Wind tunnel tests of a hydrogen-fueled detonation ramjet model at approach air stream mach numbers from 4 to 8, S.M. Frolov, V.I. Zvegintsev, V.S. Ivanov, V.S. Aksenov, I.O. Shamshin, D.A. Vnuchkov, D.G. Nalivaichenko, A.A. Berlin, V.M. Fomin.

6. Combustion of oxygenated biofuels in flames, P.-A. Glaude.

7. Ignition of a metallized composite propellant by a hot particle, D.O. Glushkov, G.V. Kuznetsov, and P.A. Strizhak.

8. Параметры возмущений атмосферы при крупных лесных пожарах, И.Р. Хасанов.

9. Numerical simulation of upward flame spread over vertical combustible surface, E.S. Kokovina, E.A. Kuznetsov, A.Yu. Snegirev.

10. Implementation of a Low-NOx Firing System to Burn Coals from the Kansko-Achinsk Coal Basin on Boiler P-59 of a 330 MW Power Unit, А.V. Kopan, F.A. Serant, A.I. Tsepenok, A.M. Glushakov.

11. Study on ignition of high energy material with aluminum and metal powders, A.G. Korotkikh, V.A. Arkhipov, K.V. Slyusarskiy, I.V. Sorokin.

12. Dynamics of pressure and temperature during flame propagation in a closed vessel with a porous medium, Y.Kozlov, V.Zamaschikov, A.Korzhavin, P.Senachin.

13. The conditions and characteristics of wood particles ignition in the stream of the high temperature gases, G.V. Kuznetsov, V.V. Salomatov and S.V. Syrodoy.

14. Diffusion combustion of hydrocarbon under the conditions of jet source instability, R.Kh. Abdrakhmanov, V.V. Lemanov, V.V. Lukashov, K.A. Sharov.

15. Low - NOx Firing Systems with Swirl Burners Installed on Boilers PK-39-IIM and BKZ-420-140-5, N.S. Marishin, F.A. Serant, A.I. Tsepenok, А.А. Lavrinenko, О.I. Stavskaya.

16. Flame synthesis of superhydrophobic carbon surfaces, Z.A. Mansurov, M. Nazhipkyzy.

17. Investigation of influence of initial components on synthesis of cobalt oxides by solution combustion synthesis, Z.A. Mansurov, G.T. Smagulova, S. Kim.

18. Modeling of Condensed Combustion Products in a Combustion Chamber, V.A. Babuk, N.L. Budnyi, A.N. Ivonenko, A.A. Nizyaev.

19. Classification of dynamic problems of the theory of combustion and explosion, V.S. Babkin, P.K. Senachin.

20. An experimental study of ignition of gaseous mixtures with mechanical sparks, A.Yu. Shebeko, Yu.N. Shebeko, A.V. Zuban, N.V. Golov.

21. Combustion of porous medium at simulated gravity: evolution of combustion front structure, K.G. Shkadinsky, D.E. Andreev, N.I. Ozerkovskaya, P.M. Krishenik.

22. Kinetic Study of the Effect of Ethanol Addition on PAH and Soot Formation in Ethylene Flames, N.A. Slavinskaya, R. Whitside, J.H. Starcke, U. Riedel, D.A. Knyazkov, I.E. Gerasimov, O.P. Korobeinichev.

23. Study on coal ignition by CO2 - laser, A.G. Korotkikh, K.V. Slyusarskiy, I.V. Sorokin.

24. Interaction of detonation waves in silane-air mixture with clouds of inert micro- and nanoparticles, D.A. Tropin and A.V. Fedorov.

25. An integral energy-release in divergent multifront detonation, A.A. Vasil'ev, V.A. Vasiliev.

26. Terahertz technique for research of waves of burning and a detonation with use of free electron laser, A.A. Vasiliev, E.I. Palchikov, V.V. Kubarev, E.N. Chesnokov, P.V. Koshlyakov, A.V. Dolgikh and I.Yu. Krasnikov.

27. Non-stationary electric field effect on stability of a lifted diffusion gaseous hydrocarbon flame, V.S. Venediktov, P.K. Tretyakov and A.V. Tupikin.

28. Ignition of Slurry Fuels Based on Coal Processing Waste and Petroleum Products, K.Yu. Vershinina, S.Yu. Lyrshchikov, and P.A. Strizhak.

29. On the possibility of gaseous fuel self-ignition in a cylindrical or vortex detonation chambers, D.V. Voronin.

30. Experimental study on pyrolysis of black non-charring polymers in reduced pressure environment, R. Zong, R. Kang.

31. Experimental investigation of deformations of a premixed methane/air flame in a turbulent swirling jet, A.S. Lobasov, S.S. Abdurakipov, L.M. Chikishev, V.M. Dulin, D.M. Markovich.

32. Structure of swirling turbulent flames. Investigation by PIV and spontaneous Raman scattering, D.K. Sharaborin, D.M. Markovich, V.M. Dulin.